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5 Truths You Need to Embrace NOW!

“What’s the best shake/pill/workout program/fat burning food/nutrition program….”

This question is what everyone wants to know!

Do you think this is some big secret that only fit people know about? Do you think some are born with discipline that you don’t possess? Maybe you are constantly asking yourself why you can’t seem to make it stick.


Here are the 5 truths you need to embrace:

  1. Food is not your enemy. It’s the problem and also the solution. Choosing which foods to consume takes being an adult with intentions and plans beyond the moment!
  2. Food should not be a “mouth party” every damn day!!  In the words of my dear husband who thankfully doesn’t require a home-cooked meal every night, “It filled the hole”. It’s just food, people. If it is your total happiness, you need to address some other things first. Emotional eating is real. It is something to manage, but it’s not an excuse. It doesn’t matter why you do it. The outcome is the same. Having a healthy relationship with food takes much practice in self-awareness. Is it hard? Yep…let’s do the hard shit.
  3. Fad diets and fast fixes don’t fix anything. If you starve for 30 days, you’ll lose weight. My favorite thing is people who say “Well, last year I did X plan and it worked. I just need to get back there.” If  X plan worked, you wouldn’t still be looking for a plan at all! On plan/off plan is a terrible way to live. No thank you! Life is hard enough these days without having food guilt.

One question…Is this decision taking me closer to the person I want to be or further away? Every decision you make is YOURS and yours alone!

  • You cannot outrun your fork! I don’t care how hard you worked out. It’s not hard enough to undo a bad diet. I am not sure how this got sold to us all, but it’s false. Oh how I wish this was not the case, especially since I own a gym! If I were the type of person to sell this bullshit to you it would be so easy, but I’m not. I am painfully blunt and as I’ve been told, “kind of a lot”. I just want you to get what you want, REAL RESULTS. You have to fix your diet. DIET is the way that you eat, not a plan you’re on!
  • Exercise helps things along for many reasons beyond the calorie burn (which is most likely not what you think).  You can google all the positive things besides burning calories that happen to your mental and physical state when you move with intensity, so you don’t need me to drag on and on about this.  You already know.  It’s hard and you have to do it!  Just like brushing your teeth, it needs to be a part of your daily routine.  If you think you can keep your heart healthy and build essential muscle mass for aging by working out twice a month and walking your dog, you are kidding yourself and need to be told the truth.  Every day needs to involve intentional movement that gets your heart rate up.  Strength training at least 3 days a week in necessary to protect your bone density and muscle mass!   You burn more calories at rest with more muscle. Don’t you want to be able to eat more food? Yes, me too!


HERE’S A BONUS TRUTH (I just can’t stop):

You must take responsibility for the work NOT done!

When it comes to excuses, humans have some seriously legit sounding winners (especially this year).  They are real obstacles and not to be brushed aside, but  we have to learn to overcome them.  If there is a bump in the road, you take a detour, but you get to your destination.  Your health journey is the same.  Let a coach be your GPS and navigate you through it.  The beauty of asking for help is that you will soon be able to tell your story and help someone else do the same.  There is nothing better than helping others succeed! 

If you are tired of being angry at yourself, stop being a jerk to yourself!  Stop letting yourself down.  Own it and treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend.  Be loving and kind, but real!  


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